Engineering Leadership

Assembling a high-performing team and leading them to success.

Are you undergoing a significant architectural change or a complex cloud transformation? I can empower your existing team or help recruit new people to deliver ambitious projects.

I focus on growing new leaders inside your team and managing engineers at all levels. Developing in-house talents is often the best way to go, in particular when hiring is difficult. I can lead your team ad-interim while you grow or hire a permanent replacement.

As a temporary engineering leader, I can take care of the following activities:

  • Establishing a sound technology strategy
  • Selecting the right technology for the task
  • Set priorities
  • Meet with the stakeholders
  • Creating and curating a project roadmap
  • Coordinate teamwork
  • Revise the work of the individual contributors and jump in if necessary
  • Help in hiring
  • Focus on new leader growth