About Me

Independent Consultant & Strategic Advisor

DevOps and Cloud Native

I am an independent consultant, helping companies to design and implement an effective cloud-native strategy.

I helped several companies transform from traditional infrastructure to public or private cloud implementation, using container and serverless approaches.

I focus on cloud-native implementations, scalability, continuous delivery practices, resiliency, performance, and observability.


I have helped several companies adopt DevOps and Cloud Native practices both on-premises and in the public cloud. By hiring me, you will be able to work directly with me for the entire project duration.

Who I am

I am an engineering leader with eighteen years of IT experience building products, designing cloud platforms, and leading teams. I have engaged in team management, technology innovation strategy and implementation, DevOps and cloud-native adoption, and infrastructure development.

I possess broad expertise in DevOps and Continuous Delivery practices, cloud technologies for large-scale enterprises (with specific focus on Amazon AWS cloud), computer networks, software and hardware architectures, cyber security, client/vendor relationship, auditing and compliance.

Thriving in an international environment, I have extensive experience leading a multinational distributed team. During the last ten years, I have been instrumental in enabling remote-based collaboration based on a remote-first approach.

You can find me on Linkedin and Twitter.

I live in Verona, Italy.


    Engineering leadership Career development and tutoring Cloud-native architectures Container orchestration Serverless technology Software development optimization Continuous Delivery DevOps practices Platform Engineering Observability Monitoring Logging & Tracing Technical training High availability Computer networking

Core Technologies

    Containers Docker Kubernetes Red Hat OpenShift Rancher Istio Amazon AWS Google Cloud Platform Hashicorp Terraform Hashicorp Vault Elastic suite GitHub Gitlab Prometheus Grafana Ansible

Technical Certifications


  • 2009 - Ph.D. in Information Engineering, Padua University, Italy
  • 2005 - Master of Science in Computer Engineering, Padua University, Italy


Independent Consultant & Strategic Advisor - DevOps and Cloud Native

2023 to present - Martino Fornasa Srl

Main contributions

  • I help my clients in their digital transformation efforts, moving from traditional applications and infrastructure to cloud-native applications in private, hybrid, and public cloud settings.
  • I help my client teams build a cloud-native mindset and skillset, providing project leadership, mentoring, and hands-on deep technical activity. The final goal is always to help develop and scale an autonomous team of engineers.
  • I ensure the timely delivery of critical projects. I am frequently responsible for solving the technical issues architects and team leaders cannot solve.

Senior Engineering Manager - DevOps and Cloud-Native Lead (hybrid)

2018 to 2022 - Kiratech, Italy

Main contributions

  • I have built up the consultancy team to sustain company growth by coordinating the hiring process and acting as a mentor to senior engineers willing to become line managers or architects, helping them build autonomous teams to support scaling.
  • I spent time with current and prospective customers, mainly enterprises, explaining the advantages of a collaboration with us, outlying the advantages of DevOps and cloud-native adoption inside their organization, and helping to define a custom adoption plan tailored to their needs.
  • I contributed to the definition of the company's technical proposition in the domains of DevOps, data center automation, cloud adoption and migration, cloud-native technologies, infrastructure management, and security.
  • I ensured the timely delivery of critical projects. I was responsible for solving the technical issues that architects and team leaders could not solve.
  • I have been instrumental in the setup of the Managed Service division, which provides data center and infrastructure management as a service to our customers, including 24/7 monitoring and support.
  • I built and maintained project management practices and tools for customer project delivery. I made sure that best practices were followed.
  • I built the training program for people in my team, and I collaborated on training activities for the entire technical team in the company.
  • I was responsible for the company training offer, coordinating the qualification of teachers and the accreditation with third-party training programs (e.g., the Linux Foundation Training)
  • I have been instrumental in the company's qualification and partnership with international technical organizations, like the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.
  • I regularly spoke in webinars and conferences to promote company activities in the enterprise sector and the DevOps community.

Head of DevOps (remote)

2014 to 2018 - Clevertech (Web and Mobile Solutions), New York, NY, USA

Main contributions

  • I led the DevOps team, with full responsibilities for strategy and implementation of the software/hardware and networking infrastructure based on cloud technologies.
  • I led a team in deploying a build and deployment pipeline that dramatically reduced the failures related to application deployment through automated code quality feedback, automated testing, automatic smoke tests, and configuration management.
  • I designed a local environment for developers based on container technology (applications servers, database server, etc.) that allowed reducing the developer's setup time from 4-8 hours to 15 minutes.
  • I designed and implemented the company IT infrastructure, including networking, telecommunications, cloud components, and software development support tools, scalable to accommodate rapid company growth (tripled in size in three years).
  • I directed the implementation of a solid data security program to guarantee confidentiality, availability, and integrity to our corporate clients, based on infrastructure security, authentication and privilege security, strong identity management, and software application security.
  • I led technology training sessions for the technical staff on Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery techniques.

Adjunct Professor

2014 to 2015 - University of Genoa, Italy

Main contributions

  • I taught the "Computer Networks" course in the Computer Engineering Undergraduate Program.

Technical Director

2010 to 2014 - M3S, Genova, Italy

Main contributions

  • I led a team in the redesign, implementation, and day-to-day operations of a computing infrastructure providing IT services for a large port (application servers, web servers, databases, email servers, DNS servers, anti-spam). The infrastructure comprised bare-metal servers based on VMware and Amazon EC2 instances

ICT Researcher

2005 to 2014 - Computer Platform Research Center - Padua University, Italy

Main contributions

  • I designed and coded an open-source implementation of the Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (IEEE 8021.D-2004) standard, which has been accepted in the Open vSwitch open-source virtual switch, thus enabling RSTP operation on Linux-based virtualization environments.
  • I developed an Internet access service monitoring method based on passive analysis of TCP traffic passing for a network node. I filed a patent related to IP-networks performance characterization.

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