Cloud Migration

Handling cloud migration strategy, planning, implementation, and optimization.

Businesses want to take advantage of the benefits of cloud technology; in doing so, they face several challenges, including application rewriting, cost management, and security.

Too often, I saw companies adopting a lift and shift approach to cloud migration, moving services and applications “as is” to a public cloud provider: it rarely works. The goal is to adopt a cloud-native approach, making AWS or Google Cloud simpler, easier to maintain, and secure.

Cloud strategy and planning

We define how your company should approach cloud migration and align the cloud strategy with organizational needs. To do so, we need to evaluate the technical choices and foresee potential risks to develop a roadmap. Some common considerations are:

  • Should you adopt Kubernetes?
  • Do you need microservices?
  • How do you manage containers effectively?
  • Do you need to interconnect your on-premise data center and the cloud provider?
  • Do you need a multi-cloud approach?
  • How do you automate your deployment?
  • How do you handle monitoring and logging?
  • Should you adopt an Infrastructure-As-Code approach?

Cloud optimization

We review your existing architecture and ensure you can achieve resilience and scalability, keeping costs under control.